Migrate Exhibition

Stepping Stones. SGS Migrate 30th Anniversary Touring Exhibition. Karen Liversedge. Glass Artist. Oban. Stepping Stones. Karen Liversedge, Glass Artist. Oban


Stepping Stones. SGS Migrate Exhibition. Karen Liversedge. Oban Stepping Stones. Karen Liversedge. Glass Artist, Maker and Designer. Oban. Argyll. Scotland.

'Stepping Stones'   H275mm x W655mm x D195mm. A journey of life cycle changes.

The Scottish Glass Society are celebrating their 30th anniversary and this years exhibition is based on the theme of Migration and examines the different ways that 30 selected artists express a sense of place and identity in their work; bringing together a collective of artists that actively challenge and contribute to the rich Scottish Art scene.

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Ravenswood Sculpture Garden 2011


Ravenswood Sculpture Garden 2012

2012 Ravenswood Sculpture Garden


Old Smithy Studio. Artmap 2012


Dunollie Sculpture Garden

Past Future. Dunollie Sculpture Garden. July 2009
  Exhibition. Oban. Argyll. Scotland Past Future Sculpture. Dusk at Dunollie, Oban. Scotland 'Past Future'

 There are few places that own the copyright to Scottish history more than Dunollie Castle.

Sometimes, especially in the moody nights of winter, this history hangs, like a robe, heavy and uncanny around the castle. Again, at other times, perhaps when the bluebells flourish in spring, the grounds around the house are splendid beneath a brilliant mantle of light and life and nature.

It was on such a spring day this year that a group of artists met in the garden and decided to present their response to the surroundings.

The resulting artworks take inspiration from the elusive atmosphere of the place and "The Hidden Jewel".

In the clearing in the wood, you will find sculptures that feature glass, willow, stone and string. The works neither question nor explain the resident history, but rather, quite simply, invite you to draw closer beneath the robe. Come into the shady place for a while and experience, deeper, our special Dunollie - wrapped in the past, present and future.

Exhibition held in July 2009.

Text by Clare McNiven.



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 'Fleeting Moments Held In Time'

Now in the Permanent Art Collection of Strathclyde University.

Fashion illustrations.
Carved and painted silvered panel.
Textile panel design illuminated with LEDs. 
H230mm x W730mm x D120mm.    
Art4Orphans - University of Strathclyde Malawi Project 2010

'Mirror Image I'. Sandblast carved and painted. Fashion illustrations and textile design panel. Karen Liversedge


'Fleeting Moments Held In Time''

Carved and painted. Viewed through reverse side. 
Sandblasted textile design panel.
Natural daylight .              'Mirror Image II'. Sandblast carved and painted. Fashion illustration and textile panel. Karen Liversedge


'Cross Fire' 

H200mm x W150mm x D150mm
Typically geometric, enticing freedom of light & movement from within
Inspired by the spiral of life, without beginning or end
Inner sculpture & outer cube, glass.
LEDs illuminate from within the oak base.

'Cross Fire'. Glass layers and geometric interplay. The central core floats within the cross. Karen Liversedge

As light is eternal, so perception is illusory. Reflect on moments passed that are yet to be.


"Sound of Mull 1"


H210mm x W560mm x D120mm
Private commission.
View from 'Dungrianach'
Two panel carving. 
Deeply carved on four faces using 10mm opti glass. On moving around the piece, the landscape imagery changes, illustrating the dynamic of the form. 
LED illuminated from within the hardwood base.

Please do contact me if you wish to commission a piece or body of work


Carving and Gilding

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'Red Sky at Night'   SOLD

23.5 carat gold and palladium loose leaf gilded. Verre eglomise. 340mm x 340mm x 170mm. Viewed through oak portal.        
'Red Sky at Night' 23.5 carat gold and palladium loose leaf gilded. Verre eglomise. Viewed through oak portal. Karen Liversedge

Sound of Water.
See the making of ...

Sound of Water is a 15 piece glass carving, divided into 5 portals and framed in oak.

The design was inspired by the clients' desire for a glass artwork that depicted the sea and reflected their love of Japan and the Isle of Harris.

The commission was made to be installed in a wall opening at their home on Harris, where it now resides.

01 Detail.jpg
Detail from Sound of Water.
Kitchen Splashback Artwork in Progress
Kitchen Splashback Artwork. The brief: A domestic kitchen splashback to provide original artwork detail. Subtle detail required in the galley kitchen, so as not to overpower the space available. Artwork to show well with or without the use of LED illumination. Commission now in progress for a series of sectional panels.
Lily and the Frog.
See the making of ...

Lily and the Frog.

Wynyard Window

The brief: Easter Lily, a frog with a golden eye and a subtle application of the client's initials. After considerable research and two design meetings later, we were set to go.

01 Artwork Drawing.JPG
Detail from Lily and the Frog.
Old Smithy Studio
See the making of ...

Old Smithy Studio at Ravenswood Fantastic Location. Pure Inspiration for all my new work
01 Old Smithy Studio. Looking Down the Loch.jpg
Detail from Old Smithy Studio
Stapleton Transom Window and Initial Designs
North Facing Transom Window Leaded light installed above main entrance door at Stapleton, Co.Durham. The Brief: The use of the colours lime green and cobalt. Once the design was approved, the colour combinations could have been infinite......
Gazebo Window Restoration.
See the making of ...

Renovation of Leaded Lights in the Gazebo,
The Studio,
Port Appin.
The brief: To carry out restoration work on two leaded lights to be reinstalled in the gazebo.
Lost or broken pieces required sourcing as close as possible to the original glass See the Process of the "Renovation"
01 Gazebo. Port Appin.JPG
Detail from Gazebo Window Restoration. See the Process of the Renovation
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