Designer/Maker for Fashion Clothing & Glass Art

Biography and Training

Designer Maker

Karen Liversedge

A graduate from the London College of Fashion, Karen served her apprenticeship designing and creating patterns for her ranges. She supplied her expertise and skills in this to independent retailers, established high street stores and IPC Magazines, producing designs for fashion features on behalf of fashion editors. As a Technical Manager and Board Member Karen headed up teams for some of the largest fashion manufacturers in the business, whose clients included Ralph Lauren and Marks & Spencer. Karen has worked in the U.K., Casablanca, Paris and Istanbul over the course of her 27 years in the clothing industry. Karen relocated to the West Coast of Scotland in 2003. She works to commission and teaches fashion related courses.

Karen studied glass techniques when she moved to Scotland and is now recognised for her glass sculptures that are influenced by the illusion of light and its dynamism within glass, colour, form and movement are explored.

Her artwork easily transfers into architectural pieces, sculpture and interior design, importantly the dedicated design time given to each piece prior to its making becomes the essence of that piece. Sandblast carving, verre eglomise, gilding, painting and LED illumination are all cold working techniques used in her work.

Recently her work has become more conceptually based on the emergent sense of home and associated culture, promoting a sense of being, in relation to the life cycle and its many roads and journeys taken.

"When two paths intersect, we can follow our intuition and the outcome can often trigger an impulse to embark on another journey. We can carry on or return, change the path or be drawn to a sense of place and simply stay there for a while. To use these connections as a stepping stone, we select and make choices to help us on our way."

Karen exhibits her work in galleries and exhibitions throughout the U.K. and has work held in international private collections, with permanent works in the art collection of Strathclyde University & Broadfield House Glass Museum.

Member of The Scottish Glass Society and The Contemporary Glass Society.


Technical Training-Glass

2005-2006 Technical Programmes run by Stephen Richard, Verrier Studio, at the 'WASPS' Studios in Glasgow. Cold working, Decorative Techniques. Kilnwork.
Architectural/Restoration/Installation Techniques.


2010 Screen Printing Workshop


Verre Eglomise & Gilding with Frances Binnington.

Traditional leaded lights with Felicity Hanson.

Studying traditional design forms with master craftsmen in Marrakech.

Formal Training-Fashion 

1979-1980 London College of Fashion, 4th Year. Associate Clothing & Footwear Institute(ACFI)
Specialised in Design, subsids Marketing & Production.

1978-1979 Third Year ACFI design placement, London.

1976-1978 Teesside Polytechnic, First & Second Years, ACFI.

1975-1976 Sheffield College of Art, Foundation Year.


1980-2003 Fashion Designer, developing career  into
Technical Management in the U.K. & Morocco.

2003-now Self-employed Fashion Designer and Glass Artist.